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The Department of Ship Technology Alumni Society (DOSTAS), is a dynamic alumni society of Department of Ship Technology, Cochin University of Science & Technology registered under the Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act, 1955.

The Department of Ship Technology is one of the pioneers in the field of Naval Architecture education in this country and was established with an aim to create a new and dynamic generation of Naval Architects to meet the requirements of the Indian Shipbuilding Industry, Ship Classification Societies, R&D organizations, Indian Navy, and related organizations. The B. Tech. programme in Naval Architecture and Ship Building was started in 1975 and has produced many distinguished Alumni, in India as well as around the world. The department also conducts anM. Tech Programme and a very vibrant research programme, which also has produced many distinguished alumni. In order to accruethis wide resource of knowledge and streamline the alumni activities, DOSTAS has been made into a registered society as prescribed and encouraged by CUSAT guidelines.

Alumni of Department of Ship Technology have very strong association with their Alma mater. Considerable amount of contributions in terms of cash and kind have been received from the alumni who have been utilized for major infrastructure developments in the Department.Alumni has always been supportive to department in getting placement for its students. So DOSTAS with its office in Department of Ship Technology can act as the active alumni headquarters who can coordinate activities of all its alumni spread across the world.

With the advent of new horizons of Information Technology, the Alumni and their Alma mater can find new avenues of mutual cooperation and move further. DOSTAS website will provide a platform for all alumni members to connect with each other, share knowledge and support each other. So we take this opportunity to welcome all Alumni members to join the DOSTAS Website and make this endeavor a 'smart success'.

DOSTAS Managing Committee

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